A.   The population density represents current and short range projected trends in family size for a new construction and shall be used in calculating the amount of required dedication of acres of land or the cash contribution in lieu thereof unless a written objection is filed thereto by the subdivider or developer. (Ord. 96-32, 4-18-1996; amd. 2011 Code)
   B.   In the event a subdivider or developer files a written objection to the table of estimated ultimate population listed herein, he shall submit his own demographics study showing the estimated additional population to be generated from the subdivision or planned unit development, and in that event, final determination of the density formula to be used in such calculations shall be made by the village board based upon such demographic information submitted by the subdivider or developer and from other sources which may be submitted to the village board by the park district, school district, fire protection district or others. It is recognized that population density, age distribution and local conditions change over the years, and the specific formula for the dedication of land, or the payment of fees in lieu thereof, as stated herein, is subject to periodic review and amendment, if necessary. (Ord. 96-32, 4-18-1996)