A.   Requirement And Population Ratio: The ultimate density of a proposed development shall bear directly upon the amount of land required for dedication. The total requirement shall be ten (10) acres per one thousand (1,000) of ultimate population. The required acres may be allocated by the board of trustees in its discretion.
   B.   Location: The village comprehensive plan shall be used as a guideline in locating sites. A central location which will serve equally the entire development is most desirable. In large developments, these sites can be located throughout the development according to established standards for park area distances.
   C.   Credit For Private Open Spaces And Recreation Areas:
      1.   When subdividers or developers provide their own open space for recreation areas and facilities, it has the effect of reducing the demand for local public recreational services. Depending on the size of the development, a portion of the park and recreational area in subdivisions or planned unit developments may, at the option of the village board, be provided in the form of "private" open space in lieu of dedicated "public" open space. The extent of same shall be determined by the village board, based upon the needs of the projected residents and in conformance with the total park and recreation land for the general area.
      2.   In general, a substitution of private open space for dedicated parks will imply a substantially higher degree of improvement and the installation of recreational facilities, including equipment, by the developer as part of his obligation. Detailed plans of such areas, including specifications of facilities to be installed, must be approved by the village, and before any credit is given for private recreation areas, the subdivider or developer must guarantee that these private recreation areas will be permanently maintained for such use by the execution of the appropriate legal documents. Private "swimming clubs" are included in this provision. When an adjustment for private recreation areas is warranted, it will be necessary to compute the total park land dedication that would have been required from the subdivision or planned unit development and then subtract the credit to be given. (Ord. 96-32, 4-18-1996)