12-2-3: FEES:
   A.   Plat Filing Fees: An applicant shall be charged a nonrefundable fee for each proposed subdivision for which approval is sought to cover the costs incurred by the village in checking and considering the plans and plat. Such fee shall be paid in cash to the village clerk, and the plans and plat for any proposed subdivision, preliminary or otherwise, shall not be considered without the receipt of the village clerk being first exhibited showing the payment of the fee required hereunder. The amount of the fee required by this subsection shall be as set forth in title 1, chapter 15 of this code. (Ord. 2011-84, 10-20-2011; amd. Ord. 2014-63, 10-16-2014)
   B.   Improvement Plan Filing Fee:
      1.   A fee in an amount equal to two percent (2%) of the total cost of all land improvements required to be installed under the provisions of this title, as determined by the village engineer, shall be paid by the applicant for each proposed subdivision or planned development at the time preliminary plans and specifications for such land improvements are submitted. Such fee shall be paid in cash to the village clerk to be used for payment of the costs incurred by the village for administrative, engineering and legal review of the plans and specifications for land improvements, of subdivision or planned development plats, and of such other documents and agreements as are submitted by the applicant or as are required as a part of the approval of the subdivision or planned development; all of which costs shall be paid by the owner or subdivider or developer. Said fee shall also be used to pay the cost of inspections by the village engineer, director of community development, or other authorized village inspector, incurred during the course of construction of all said required land improvements. (1978 Code § 7-1-8; amd. 2011 Code)
      2.   No plans and specifications for land improvements and no subdivision or planned development plat, preliminary or otherwise, shall be considered until the applicant has first exhibited a receipt of the village clerk showing payment of the fee required herein.
      3.   Following completion of construction of all required land improvements and of the administrative engineering and legal review and inspection services rendered with respect to said subdivision or planned development, the village clerk shall refund to the applicant such portion of said fee amount which exceeds the cost of administrative engineering and legal services.
      4.   In any case, where the exact cost of installing the required land improvements differs from the village engineer's estimate or where the administrative, engineering and legal services pertaining to the particular subdivision or planned development exceed, or are estimated to exceed, the amount of the fee deposited herein, an adjustment shall be made accordingly to bring such fee deposit in line with the actual improvement cost or with the actual or estimated cost of said review and inspection services, whichever is larger. (1978 Code § 7-1-8)