The final plan for a planned unit development to be submitted to the zoning administrator shall consist of the following:
   A.   Completed Application: A completed application form.
   B.   Fees: A fee as required from time to time by the village board, plus an improvement plan filing fee in accordance with the provisions of subsection 12-2-3B of this code.
   C.   Final Plat: Final plat of subdivision and supporting documents (15 copies) as required by the village subdivision regulations, including final engineering plans and specifications.
   D.   Final Development Plan: The final development plan (15 copies) conforming to the preliminary development plan approved by the village board and including final engineering plans and specifications.
   E.   Homeowners' Association And Covenants: Final versions of all covenants, organization of homeowners' or condominium associations, or any other documents regulating land use or providing for maintenance of common areas.
   F.   Construction Schedule: A final schedule showing the dates of beginning and final completion of all structures and improvements.
   G.   Public Ownership Documents: Any deeds or easement agreements required or approved by the village board conveying ownership interest in any parcel in the development to the village or any other public body.
   H.   Financial Guarantees: Performance bonds, escrow deposits, irrevocable letters of credit, or other financial sureties approved by the village sufficient to guarantee the installation and improvement of all public or common improvements, including common open spaces, provided on the final plan. (Ord. 99-02, 1-7-1999)