A.   Site Plan Review: Whether or not a land subdivision is involved, preliminary and final plans for the development shall be filed and approved by the village in conformance with the provisions of sections 11-13-6, 11-13-7 and 11-13-8 of this chapter.
   B.   Required Common Open Space: A minimum of ten percent (10%) of the gross site area shall be used for permanent common open space, as defined in section 11-2-2 of this title as "open space, common".
   C.   Quality Of Design:
      1.   To be granted the flexibility permitted under these regulations, a PUD must evidence a level of design and amenity exceeding that typical of conventional development.
      2.   Among the features that may evidence such amenity are:
         a.   Amount and quality of landscaping;
         b.   Amount, quality, and interconnectedness of common open space;
         c.   Provision of pedestrian or bicycle paths separated from streets;
         d.   Preservation of drainageways and other natural features;
         e.   Common recreational facilities;
         f.   Enclosed, underground, depressed, or outstandingly landscaped parking areas;
         g.   Varied building setbacks or other measures to reduce monotony in design; and
         h.   Other features as determined by the plan commission.
   D.   Underground Utilities: All utility lines within a planned unit development are required to be underground. Appurtenances to utility systems that are effectively screened may be permitted aboveground if the village finds that they will not be detrimental to the character of the development.
   E.   Phasing Of Development:
      1.   Land designated for future construction phases and other land not intended for immediate improvement shall be landscaped or otherwise maintained with a neat and orderly appearance as specified by the plan commission.
      2.   No building permit shall be issued for construction of any commercial development intended to be economically supported primarily by the residential or other business uses within the PUD before development of an amount of the supporting development specified by the plan commission has been completed. (Ord. 99-02, 1-7-1999)