To further a superior level of design and amenity in new development, the following incentives are offered in planned unit developments:
   A.   Variable Density And Dimensional Zoning Standards:
      1.   Standards for minimum lot area, lot width, building height, floor area ratio, yard dimensions, off street parking and loading, size of business, fences, and signs may vary from those established elsewhere in this title.
      2.   The applicable standard for minimum lot area per dwelling unit may be reduced, or the standard for maximum dwelling units per acre increased, a maximum of twenty percent (20%).
   B.   Mixed Land Uses:
      1.   Land uses other than those allowed as permitted or conditional uses in the applicable zoning districts may be permitted on up to thirty percent (30%) of the net site area of a planned unit development.
      2.   Uses otherwise allowed only in commercial, office, or industrial districts may only be allowed in resident districts; provided:
         a.   That, unless they are allowed in the C-1 district, they do not front upon or have access from collector or minor streets serving residential areas; and
         b.   That they are not otherwise incompatible with nearby residential uses; and
         c.   That they conform to the general business district regulations and general industrial district regulations applying to the district in which they are normally allowed.
   C.   More Than One Principal Building Per Lot: In a planned unit development, more than one principal building may be located on a single lot.
   D.   Variable Subdivision Design Standards: Design standards for subdivisions and subdivision improvements, such as streets, blocks, sidewalks and parkways, and open space dedication, may vary from those established in village subdivision regulations. (Ord. 99-02, 1-7-1999)