The commission shall have such duties, responsibilities and goals as assigned by the village president and board of trustees, including the following:
   A.   Create awareness of available youth services and activities to resident youths, member organizations, parents, and the community at large.
   B.   Identify youth oriented programs already in place, research new programs and facilitate the implementation of new or expanded programs as required by the community.
   C.   Identify and publicize available counseling, referral programs and services for youth.
   D.   Seek and support new or enhanced opportunities for youth recreation and socialization, including safe after school facilities and programs, community service programs and tutoring and mentoring opportunities for youth.
   E.   Identify young people in need of social, recreational and educational services.
   F.   Seek funding opportunities and support projects in order to accomplish the goals of the commission. (Ord. 2001-26, 3-15-2001)