(A)   Review fees.
      (1)   The applicant shall be responsible for the expenses incurred by the village in reviewing the proposed plans or any modifications to the plan. Such expenses may include items such as the cost of professional services including expenses and legal fees in connection therewith, and any other reasonable expenses directly attributable thereto.
      (2)   At the time of submitting the preliminary development plan along with the appropriate application, the applicant shall make a deposit in the office of the Village Administrator for $3,000.
      (3)   The village shall use the fee to pay for the stated expenses. Once the fund is reduced by two-thirds, the applicant shall be required to deposit another $3,000.
      (4)   Any funds not used following the approval of the final development plan shall be returned to the applicant in a timely manner without interest.
   (B)   Independent studies or review.  The village may require that an independent consultant be hired by the village to perform required traffic impact studies, landscaping and/or buffer studies, fiscal and services impact studies, sound studies, and/or stormwater impact studies or to review all or part of a study prepared by the applicant's consultants. The Village Administrator is authorized to administer the contracts for such consultants.
      (1)   The Village Administrator shall determine the scope of services to be performed by the independent consultant and receive a cost estimate of such services.
      (2)   Prior to the village making a commitment for work to be done under this division, the applicant shall provide an amount equal to the estimate for such work to the Village Administrator, who will deposit the amount in an escrow or special account set up for this purpose. Any funds not used for the independent consultant shall be returned to the applicant in a timely manner without interest.
      (3)   The Village Administrator may require additional fees for the independent review if: the GPHPC or Village Council expands the scope of the required review; the applicant substantially amends the application; additional meetings involving the consultants are requested by the applicant; the consultant's appearance is requested at GPHPC or Village Council meetings beyond what was initially
anticipated; or the consultant's attendance is required at meetings with regional, state, or federal agencies or boards which were not anticipated in the earlier scope of services.
   (C)   Failure to pay.
      (1)   If the applicant fails to deposit the appropriate funds, the village shall send one invoice to the applicant who shall have 30 days to pay any outstanding fees. If such invoice is not paid in full, the review of the applicant shall cease.
      (2)   If the invoice is not paid in full within 90 days, the application shall be deemed void and the applicant shall be required to submit a new application pursuant to § 154.84.
(Ord. 2006-12, passed 5-1-06; Am. Ord. 2014-47, passed 12-1-14)