Conditional use permits are required for all conditional uses and for the enlargement, alteration or extension of existing conditional uses.  Previously issued special permits shall be deemed to be conditional use permits.  Existing uses of a type requiring a conditional use permit shall not be nonconforming uses but shall be deemed to have a conditional use permit for the existing use; however, a conditional use permit shall be required for any enlargement, alteration, or extension.  In order to obtain a conditional use permit applicant shall:
   (A)   File an application on a standard form with the Village Clerk accompanied by a basic data package.  The Village Clerk will notify or cause to be notified, via certified mail, all property owners within a minimum distance of 200 feet of the applicant's property and include the nature of the application with the GPHPC meeting date and time.
   (B)   Village Clerk shall refer the application to the Planning Commission which shall have 30 days to review the application with respect to its:  Effect on neighborhood; conformance with village plan; effect on traffic; and make a recommendation to the Village Council concerning the application.
   (C)   No action on an application shall be taken by the Village Council until the report of the Planning Commission has been received; however, if no report is received within 45 days, approval of the application may be assumed.  The Village Council may approve, disapprove, or approve an application with conditions.
(Am. Ord. 2004-13, passed 6-7-04)  Penalty, see § 154.99