Building heights established in the district regulations may be exceeded following instances:
   (A)  Public, semi-public, or public service buildings, hospitals, institutions, or schools, when permitted in a district, may be erected to a height not exceeding 60 feet, and churches and temples may be erected to a height not exceeding 75 feet if the building is set back from each yard line at least one foot for each foot of additional building height above the height limit otherwise provided in the district in which the building is built.
   (B)  Single-family dwellings and two-family dwellings may be increased in height by not more than ten feet when the side and rear yards are increased over the yard requirements of the district in which they are located by not less than ten feet, but shall not exceed three stories in height.
   (C)  Chimneys, cooling towers, elevator bulkheads, fire towers, monuments, stacks, stage towers, or scenery lofts, tanks, water towers, ornamental towers and spires, church steeples, radio towers, or necessary mechanical appurtenances, may be erected to a height in accordance with existing or hereafter adopted ordinance of the village.
   (D)  Existing buildings in violation of height regulations may be repaired and maintained but may not be replaced or structurally altered.