A.   Enforcement Officials: It shall be the duty of the Building and Zoning Administrator and Director of Public Works to enforce these requirements and to bring to the attention of the Village Attorney or designee any violations of these regulations. (Ord. 2012-11, 3-13-2012; amd. Ord. 2018-07, 4-24-2018)
   B.   Specific Violations:
      1.   No owner, or agent of the owner, of any parcel of land located in a proposed subdivision shall transfer or sell any part of the parcel before a final plat of the subdivision has been reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission and approved by the Board of Trustees in accordance with the provisions of these regulations and filed with the County Recorder of Deeds.
      2.   The subdivision of any lot or any parcel of land by the use of metes and bounds description for the purpose of sale, transfer, lease, or development is prohibited.
      3.   No building permit shall be issued for the construction of any building or structure located on a lot or plat subdivided or sold in violation of the provisions of these regulations, nor shall the Village have any obligation to issue certificates of occupancy or to extend utility services to any parcel created in violation of these regulations.
   C.   Penalty: Any person who is convicted of a violation of this title shall be punishable as provided in section 1-4-1 of this Code. Each day that a violation continues shall be considered a separate offense.
   D.   Civil Enforcement: Appropriate actions and proceedings may be taken at law or in equity to prevent any violation of these regulations, to prevent unlawful construction, to recover damages, to restrain, correct, or abate a violation and to prevent illegal occupancy of a building, structure or premises. These remedies shall be in addition to the penalties described herein. (Ord. 2012-11, 3-13-2012)