A.   Initiation And Filing Amendment: Amendments to these regulations may be proposed by the building and zoning administrator, any member of the board of trustees, any planning and zoning commission member, or any party in interest. Every amendment proposal shall be filed on a prescribed form in the building and zoning administrator's office. The building and zoning administrator shall promptly transmit each proposal, together with any comments or recommendations he may wish to make, to the village planning and zoning commission for a public hearing.
   B.   Public Hearing: The planning and zoning commission shall hold a public hearing on every amendment proposal within a reasonable time after said proposal is submitted to them. At the hearing any interested party may appear and testify, either in person or by duly authorized agent or attorney. Notice indicating the time, date, and place of the hearing, and the nature of the proposed amendment shall be given not more than thirty (30) and not less than fifteen (15) days before the hearing by publication in a newspaper of general circulation within Glen Carbon.
   C.   Advisory Report; Action By Board Of Trustees: Within ninety (90) days after the public hearing, the planning and zoning commission shall submit an advisory report to the board of trustees. The board of trustees shall act on the proposed amendment at their next regularly scheduled meeting following submission of this report. Without another public hearing, the board of trustees may either pass or reject the proposed amendment or may refer it back to the planning and zoning commission for further consideration. (Ord. 2012-11, 3-13-2012)