A.   Each registration application shall be made to the Building & Zoning Administrator in writing on a form provided by the Building and Zoning Administrator, or as otherwise allowed by the Building and Zoning Administrator.
   B.   Each application will contain the following information:
      1.   Registration fee.
      2.   Type of business.
      3.   Business address and telephone number.
      4.   Date business started.
      5.   Name, mailing address and contact telephone number of each owner, partner, or corporate officer.
      6.   Corporate address and contact name and telephone number (if any).
      7.   An after hours (emergency) contact name and telephone number.
      8.   Illinois business tax number.
      9.   Federal income tax number.
      10.   The numbers of any federal, state or county licenses or certificates held.
      11.   Approximate number of full time and part time employees.
      12.   Approximate number of agents.
      13.   Type and location of any toxic, flammable, or hazardous materials stored or used at said location.
      14.   Alarm company information.
   C.   Every application for a food related business shall provide evidence of the required health certificates issued by the Madison County Health Department.
   D.   Significant changes to information submitted are to be reported as soon as possible and shall be done at no charge to the registrant. (Ord. 2007-24, 12-11-2007; amd. Ord. 2021-23, 7-27-2021)