The objectives of this subchapter and of the hazardous materials emergency response plan, are:
   (A)   To direct the development of the description of operational concepts, organization and support systems required to implement the plan;
   (B)   To direct the development of standard procedures within the Fire Department to identify authority, responsibilities and actions of federal, state, local and private industry agencies necessary to minimize damage to human health, natural systems and property, and to aid in mitigating the hazard;
   (C)   To direct the development within the Fire Department of standard operating procedures to provide for an operational structure that has the ability to function in case of hazardous materials incidents;
   (D)   To utilize Fire Department officers and members who have been trained to handle hazardous materials incidents;
   (E)   To direct the development by the Fire Department of standing operating procedures which will establish lines of authority and management for a hazardous materials incident; and
   (F)   To establish financial responsibilities and cost recovery procedures.
(1989 Code, § 100.02) (Ord. 2077, passed 10-24-1994)