Ord. No.
Date Passed
Ord. No.
Date Passed
Westwood Street from Old Bowling Green Road to Greenwood for a distance of 1,620 feet
Greenwood Street from Westwood Street to Redwood Street for a distance of 310 feet
Sandwood Drive from Columbia Avenue north to its terminal point and cul-de-sac for a distance of l,700 feet
Marmak Drive from Columbia Avenue, north to its terminal point and cul-de-sac for a distance of 1,700 feet
Stadium Drive from Marmak Drive to Sandwood Drive for a distance of 394 feet
Wilkinson Court Street (Raintree Place) from Norris Avenue to its terminal point and cul-de-sac for a distance of 580 feet
Park Avenue from east limits of Kentucky 26-l project to Riverside Boulevard for a distance of 218 feet
Riverside Boulevard from Park Avenue to New Salem Road for a distance of 660 feet
Wendell Bush Trailer Park Drive (Elm Hill Trailer Park) from East Main Street (Burkesville Road) to limits of improvement for a distance of 660 feet
Windgate Avenue from Brice Avenue to terminal point of improvement for a distance of 1,700 feet
Rainbow Drive from New Salem Road to Sun Valley Drive for a distance of 345 feet
Sun Valley Drive from Rainbow Drive southeast to its terminal point and cul-de-sac for a distance 725 feet and from Rainbow Drive Northwest to its terminal point and cul-de-sac for a distance of 335 feet
Indian Hills subdivision: (1) Indian Hills Drive; (2) Indian Hills; (3) Arrow Way; (4) Pocahontas Trail
Homewood Boulevard from North Race Street east to terminal point of improvement for a distance of approximately 700 feet
Westwood subdivision No. 2 streets as shown by plat of that subdivision which plat is recorded in a plat book in the office of the clerk of the Barren County Court
Adams Place off Park Avenue
Goodman Street
Harwood Street
Brookdale Street
American Avenue from Highways 68 80 to the railroad, a distance of 1,000 feet
Robin Road in Castlebridge Subdivision
284-foot extension of Wingate Avenue
Scottish Way
MacIntosh Way
MacBeth Lane
Creekwood Street
Extension of existing access road to the Beaver Trail addition to the Beaver Trail Industrial Park, so as to service new industries locating therein
Accepting as city streets: Pebble Drive (Creekwood Subdivision), Quail Ridge Circle (Quail Creek Apartments), Bob White Way (Quail Creek Apartment), Childress Road (Tara Estates), Celtic Circle (Tara Estates), Lauderdale Drive (Tara Estates), Waterford Lane (Tara Estates), Firethorn St. (Oaks of Autumn Ridge)
Accepting as city streets: Shangri-La Place (Shangri-La Subdivision), Karakal Drive (Shangri-La Subdivision)
Accepting Trista Lane, Professional Park Drive, Winners Circle and Shane Drive
(1989 Code, TSO Table I) (Ord. 1039, passed - -1967; Am. Ord. 1231, passed - -1971; Am. Ord. 1249, passed - -1971; Am. Ord. 1251, passed - -1972; Am. Ord. 1266, passed - -1972; Am. Ord. 1268, passed - -1972; Am. Ord. 1280, passed - -1972; Am. Ord. 1318, passed - -1974; Am. Ord. 1452, passed - -1977; Am. Ord. 1816, passed 5-22-1989; Am. Ord. 1817, passed 5-22-1989; Am. Ord. 1840, passed 12-11-1989; Am. Ord. 1841, passed 12-11-1989; Ord. 2006, passed 5-10-1993, Res. 920, passed 12-8-1997; Ord. 2366, passed 1-29-2001; Ord. 2392, passed 10-15-2001; Am. Ord. 2411, passed 3-11-2002)
Editor’s Note:
   In the previous codification, this table was set up differently than the other tables in this portion of the code. I could not discern which entry came from which ordinance; hence, I have left this table in the previous format. Future entries will be added in the standard table format, below.
Ord. No.
Date Passed
Ord. No.
Date Passed
Accepting Bale Terrance, Vine Street, Beverly Hills Drive and Brittany Lane as city streets
Accepting Victorian Way, Cambridge Circle and Marshall Way as city streets
Accepting Duck Creek Drive as a city street
Accepting Britthaven Drive, Olivia Drive, Tanglewood Drive, and Briar Cliff Drive as city streets
Accepting Shorthorn Street as a city street
Accepting Noah Drive as a city street
Accepting Hilltopper Way as a city street
Accepting Valhalla Drive as a city street
Amending Ord. 2656 to clarify the street acceptance
Res. 2104
Accepting the following roadway sections and their adjacent right-of-ways into the city street system:
(1)   Cleveland Avenue at right station 848+95.67;
(2)   Grandview Avenue at left station 873+65;
(3)   Grandview Avenue at right station 873+65;
(4)   Oak Street at right station 892+82;
(5)   Magnolia Drive at left station 952+34;
(6)   Lexington Drive at left station 956+28; and
(7)   Lexington Drive at right station 956+28

The City of Glasgow does not maintain the following roadway sections and they are not accepted into the city street system:
(1)   Approach Road at right station 906+50; and
(2)   Oak Street at left station 893+59.2
Accepting Ashwood Lane and Ashkirk Lane as city streets
Accepting the extension of East Leach Avenue and Lauderdale Drive as city streets
Res. 2260
Accepting the maintenance responsibility from the edge of pavement of U.S. 31 E. (Glasgow By-Pass) to the right-of-way line, and accepting ownership of the following roadway sections and their adjacent right-of-way into the city street system:
   (1)   Approach Road at Right Station 906+50; and
Cross Street at Lift Station 893+59.2 (formerly known as Oak Street)
Res. 2305
Accepting CS-1198 (Old Cavalry Drive) from Station 93+80 (near the entrance to the National Guard Armory) to Station 99+64.24 (at the U.S. 31E/Trojan Trail intersection), a total distance of approximately 600 feet
Accepting Joe Montgomery Court, which is located north of Cleveland Avenue and west of Leslie Avenue, as a city street
Res. 2336
Accepting Oak Leaf, Oaks of Autumn Road, Chinaberry and Tanbark, as city streets
Res. 2337
Accepting maintenance of dry well and retention pond on or near Trista Lane
Accepting Pin Seeker Way as a city street
Accepting the following as city streets: Briarwood Street, Brice Avenue, South Broadway Street, West Brown Street, Bryan Street, Bunche Avenue (that portion not a state road), Caldwell Street, Carver Court, Cheatham Street, Clark Street, Clayburn Street, Combs Boulevard, Cross Street, Devasher Court, Drane Avenue, Eastview Drive, Ellis Avenue, Ellison Avenue, North Franklin Street, South Franklin Street (that portion not a state road), Frazier Avenue, West Front Street, Garnett Avenue, High Street, Highland Avenue, Hill Street, North Honeysuckle Lane, South Honeysuckle, Huggins Drive, Ivy Street, James Street, Joann Drive, Joe Traylor Avenue, Kilgore Street, Lakeview Drive, Lee Street, Leslie Avenue, Longhunters Trail, Mallory Drive, McGrah Avenue, Meadow Drive, Mill Street (that portion not a state road), Mitchell Street, Moss Street, Mulberry Street, Myrtle Street, Newman Street, Nunn Street, Pedigo Street, Porter Street, Reed Avenue, Ridgecrest Avenue, Rogers Road, St. Marys Court, Scott Street, Shamrock Place, Short Street, Simmons Street, Smiley Court, Sunnybrook Street, Sunset Avenue, Trabue Street, Travis Court, Trimble Avenue, Twin Pines Court, Wade Avenue, Weldon Drive, Western Hills Road, Westview Drive, Wilderness Road (except the westward portion from the intersection of Hall Street and Wilderness Road to Foster), Willow Drive
Accepting Montessori Way into the street maintenance system.