(A)   All single-family households will be provided a 95-gallon cart.  All single-family households that generate more than 95 gallons of trash weekly shall be charged an extra fee as determined by the Board of Aldermen.  All garbage carts shall remain the property of the town at all times.  No other receptacle except as may be allowed in special situations by the Director of Public Works, shall be used.  Any yard trash shall be placed next to the curb on scheduled collection days.  The following items shall not be placed in the garbage carts: poisons, acids, caustics, explosives, paint thinner, oil, kerosene, gasoline or other dangerous materials, soils, or any type of construction material (concrete, bricks, and the like) or furniture (such as materials forbidden by the ordinances).  The cart shall not be used for any other purpose than storing and collecting garbage.  No one shall mark, write or paint on the carts, or cut or damage the cart in any way.  Garbage carts shall be assigned to each residence and each cart serial number shall be recorded.  Users of the garbage cart shall keep the assigned cart in a clean and neat condition and shall be responsible for its safeguarding and maintenance from theft, damage and abuse.  Persons who damage or abuse the garbage cart shall be responsible for the repair or replacement of such in accordance with a depreciating schedule maintained by the town.
   (B)   All proprietors of business establishments shall arrange their own garbage pickup; this includes apartments greater than two units, and mobile home parks.
   (C)   All group homes and churches that require more than two carts shall arrange their own garbage pickup.
   (D)   All municipal government facilities are provided carts as determined by the Town Manager.
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