The following businesses, occupations, and items of personal property are exempted by state law from municipal privilege license taxation:
      Accountants, public; Adding machines; Addressograph machines; Alarm systems; Architects; Attorneys-at-law; Auctioneers; Banks; Billing machines; Blind persons; Bondsmen; Bookkeeping machines; Building and Loan Associations; Burglar alarms; Bus companies; Cash registers; Chiropodists; Chiropractors; Copying machines; Cooperative marketing associations; Credit reporting agencies; Dentists; Doctors; Engineers; Healing, art of; Installment paper dealers; Insurance agencies; Landscape architect; Land surveyor; Lighting systems; Mercantile agencies; Mortician, embalmer; Motion picture manufacturer, distributors; Motor fuels, wholesale distributors; Multigraph machine; News dealers on trains; Oculists; Opticians; Optometrists; Pest control; Physicians; Photocopying machines; Photographers; Private detectives and guards; Railroads; Real estate loan brokers; Real estate agents; Refrigerating machines; Sewing machines; Soft drink manufacturers and bottlers; Surgeons; Tabulating machines; Typewriters; Utility companies; Vacuum cleaners; Vending machines; Veterinarians; Washing machines.
('75 Code, § 10.17) (Ord. 77-09, passed 6-13-77; Am. Ord. passed 5-6-91)