Damaging Streets and Sidewalks
   97.01   Cutting; permit required; fees
   97.02   Sidewalk construction
   97.03   Street repair; openings to be filled
   97.04   Machine or tool likely to injure streets prohibited
   97.05   House moving
   97.06   Damage to bridge and culverts
   97.07   Damage to lights and signs
   97.15   Placing objects on streets and sidewalks
   97.16   Display of goods prohibited
   97.17   Construction near sidewalk
   97.18   Sheds and awnings
   97.19   Railroad crossings; regulation
   97.20   Fences near sidewalks
   97.21   Assembling on streets
   97.22   Injury to trees, shrubs or flowers
   97.23   Opening crates on sidewalks prohibited
   97.24   Filling stations
   97.25   Building material on streets
   97.26   Construction of doors to open out, across sidewalks or streets prohibited
   97.27   Unlawful to block side ditches or gutters
   97.28   Benches and chairs on sidewalk
   97.29   Barbed wire fences
   97.30   Gates opening on streets or sidewalks
Use and Cleanliness Regulations
   97.45   Throwing or burning trash on street prohibited
   97.46   Tree trimmings
   97.47   Snow and ice removal
   97.48   Bicycles, scooters and skateboards prohibited on sidewalks
   97.49   Moving structures upon streets
   97.50   Use of nails and tacks restricted
   97.51   Playing games on streets prohibited
   97.52   Driveways
   97.53   Bootblack
   97.54   Removal of grass in sidewalk; hedges to be trimmed
   97.55   Writing or painting on sidewalks or streets
   97.56   Vegetation along public way
   97.57   Planting and protection of trees
   97.58   Injury to trees, shrubs, or flowers
   97.59   Utility pole stipulations
Property Numbering
   97.70   Numbering map
   97.71   Numbering system
   97.72   Town to furnish original numbers
   97.73   Numbers for future buildings
   97.74   Unlawful to deface number
   97.75   Numbers for buildings in annexed areas
   97.99   Penalty
   Wooden awnings over sidewalks in Number One Fire District, see § 150.007