General Provisions
   92.01   Town Manager to supervise through keeper
   92.02   Cemetery use and burials regulated
   92.03   Reserved and unreserved sections; price of plots
   92.04   Payment of plots; installments
   92.05   Payment due before burial
   92.06   Removal of excess dirt
   92.07   Placement of markers, stones, and graves
   92.08   Erection of stones or markers; permit required
   92.09   Town not responsible for rock encountered in grave digging
   92.10   Blasting in cemetery; permit required
   92.11   Structures
   92.12   Transfer of lots
   92.13   Compliance with provisions; deeds of conveyance
   92.14   Perpetual care trust fund
Rules and Regulations
   92.25   Maintenance of grounds
   92.26   Destruction of flowers or plants
   92.27   Disturbing fixtures
   92.28   Conduct in cemetery
   92.29   Vehicles not to cross plots
   92.30   Tents
   92.31   Plants, trees and shrubbery
   92.32   Landscaping
   92.33   Floral regulations
   92.99   Penalty