Except as set forth in § 90.05 of this chapter, an abandoned, nuisance, or junked vehicle which is to be removed shall be towed only after notice to the registered owner, or person entitled to possession of the vehicle, or the owner, lessee, or occupant of the real property upon which the vehicle is located, by affixing on the windshield or some other conspicuous place on the vehicle a notice indicating that the vehicle will be removed by the town on a specified date (no sooner than seven days after the notice is affixed), unless the vehicle is moved by the owner or legal possessor prior to that time. The registered owner or person entitled to possession may appeal the determination that the vehicle is abandoned, or is a nuisance, or that the aesthetic benefits of removing a junked motor vehicle outweigh the burdens, to the Town Manager in writing prior to the removal date. Further proceedings shall be stayed until the appeal is heard and decided.
(Ord. passed 11-2-98)