Operation Generally
   71.01   Following fire apparatus prohibited
   71.02   Crossing fire hose
   71.03   Operation of vehicles on approach of authorized emergency vehicles
   71.04   Driving vehicles on sidewalks
   71.05   Limitations on backing
   71.06   Controlled access
   71.07   Number of persons in front seat restricted
   71.08   Turning in fire station entrance prohibited
   71.09   Boarding or alighting from vehicles
   71.10   Riding upon vehicles not designated for passenger use
   71.11   Entering; riding vehicles without permission
   71.12   Passengers to remain inside vehicles
   71.13   Speed limits; exceptions
   71.14   One-way streets and alleys
   71.15   Yield right-of-way intersections
   71.25   Driving through funeral or other procession
   71.26   Drivers in a procession
   71.27   Funeral processions to be identified
   71.28   Parades and processions; permit requirements
Turning Movements
   71.40   Required position and method of turning at intersections
   71.41   Turning markers
   71.42   Authority to place restricted turn signs
   71.43   Obedience to no-turn signs
   71.44   Limitations on turning around
Special Stops Required
   71.55   Through streets designated
   71.56   Authority to erect stop signs
   71.57   Intersections where stop required
   71.58   Signs to bear the word “Stop”
   71.59   Vehicles to stop at stop signs
   71.60   Emerging from alley, driveway, or building
   71.61   Stop when traffic obstructed
Truck Traffic
   71.75   Weight restrictions on certain streets
   71.76   Closing of certain streets to trucks