(A)   General provisions.
      (1)   All town employees (full time, part time, temporary, and long-term contracts) as well as political appointees who work for the Clerk-Treasurer shall consider information secured in the course of their work as confidential. Any disclosure of this confidential information to any person not specifically identified as a constituted authority shall be cause for fines charged against the violator, under the provisions of § 10.99 of this code, and/or disciplinary action or termination from his or her job.
      (2)   CONSTITUTED AUTHORITY shall mean any one who is a superior or another town employee who needs to know the confidential information during the course of his or her job duties.
   (B)   Elected officials. The Town Council may censure any elected town official who discloses any confidential information outside the course of that elected official’s duties.
(Ord. G-06-16, passed 4-20-2006)