(A)   Any police officer that is hired for the Town Marshal Department is a probationary employee, regardless of previous experience, for one full year from date of hire and shall meet the following requirements.
   (B)   Pursuant to I.C. 36-8-3.2-3.5, and successor statutes that may be enacted, any applicant for police officer position with the Town Marshal Department shall pass a physical agility test and general aptitude test.
   (C)   Pursuant to I.C. 36-8-3.2-5, and successor statutes that may be enacted, the physical agility test shall be in addition to a standard medical physical examination.
   (D)   Pursuant to I.C. 36-8-3.2-6, and successor statutes that may be enacted, the following basic requirements are hereby adopted for employment with the Town Marshal Department as a police officer:
      (1)   Must be at least 21 years of age;
      (2)   Must possess a valid state driver’s license and a good driving record;
      (3)   Must not have been convicted of any criminal offense;
      (4)   Must have 60 or more certifiable college credit hours; actual work experience as a full-time certified, paid state law enforcement officer may be substituted for college credit on the basis of 30 college credit hours equals one year of actual work experience;
      (5)   Within 180 days of the time of appointment, a new police officer must reside in the county and maintain residence there throughout term of employment. In a special circumstance, the Town Marshal and a majority of the Town Council, as determined in a public meeting of the Council, may allow a town police officer to live outside of the county but within 20 miles of the town’s corporate limits.
      (6)   Must have attended the state’s pre-basic course in the last 12 months or be currently employed as a full-time, certified, paid state police officer (corrections officers do not qualify);
      (7)   Must be able to operate a computer with Windows 2000 (or newer) operating system and possess the basic skills to use Microsoft Word;
      (8)   Must be of good moral character;
      (9)   Must be able to pass a rigid background investigation;
      (10)   Must be able to pass a voice stress test;
      (11)   Must be able to pass a psychological evaluation;
      (12)   Must possess, in the sole discretion of the Town Marshal, the proper attitude to be a police officer; and
      (13)   Must refrain from the use of smoking tobacco products while working on duty.
   (E)   A new police officer shall receive a starting salary in an amount to be determined by the Town Council plus benefits in accordance with the new officer’s police experience and the Omnibus Payroll Ordinance of 2006.
   (F)   The police officer shall become eligible to receive a year-end bonus following the completion of his or her second year of service.
   (G)   The funds necessary to provide for the salary and benefits for the police officer(s) of the Town Marshal Department are hereby appropriated by the Town Council.
(2005 Code, § 31.15)  (Ord. G-06-31, passed 10-12-2006)