(A)   The Public Works Director acts as the liaison between the general public and the offices of the Town Council by responding to the needs of the citizens and taking independent actions based on personal judgment in the delivery of services.
   (B)   The essential duties and responsibilities of the Public Works Director, unless a written order of the Town Council provides otherwise, are as follows:
      (1)   Responsible for the administrative duties of the Council;
      (2)   Attend meetings of the Council and recommend actions that are considered advisable;
      (3)   Hire Public Works Department employees according to the pay schedules and standards fixed by the Council and/or other statute with the approval of the Council;
      (4)   Suspend, discharge, remove, or transfer such Public Works Department employees as deemed necessary for the welfare of the town with the approval of the Council;
      (5)   Administer and enforce all administrative ordinances, lawful orders, and resolutions of the Council;
      (6)   See that administrative statues and/or other regulatory issues required to be administered by the Council or a town officer subject to the control of the Council are faithfully administered;
      (7)   Assist with budget estimates and submit them to the Council when required;
      (8)   Works with the Clerk-Treasurer to develop and manage the financial operations of the Public Works Department;
      (9)   Execute contracts on behalf of the town for materials, supplies, services, or improvements as approved by the Town Council;
      (10)   Review and project town responsibilities and recommend methods to achieve and/or maintain same;
      (11)   Establish, enforce, and maintain personnel policies and performance standards relevant to the orderly functioning of the operations of the town’s municipal utilities, Street Department, and other municipal divisions with the exception of the Police Department and the Clerk-Treasurer’s office;
      (12)   Perform as special projects officer as directed by the Council;
      (13)   Perform managerial duties for all municipal utilities, Street Department, and other municipal divisions, with the exception of the Police Department and the Clerk-Treasurer’s office, to include maintenance of buildings and grounds as directed by the Town Council;
      (14)   Perform supervisory responsibilities: coordinating, assigning, and scheduling work tasks; setting performance standards; evaluating achievements of such standards; ensuring training and certifications as required; providing job related counseling and developmental guidance;
      (15)   Demonstrate honesty and integrity in every action and statement;
      (16)   Inspire public confidence in the town’s government;
      (17)   Shall not solicit political support from town employees or engage in conduct that violates I.C. 35-44.1;
      (18)   Perform or delegate the performance of the duties of the town’s Water Operator; and/or
      (19)   Perform all other lawful duties as directed by the Town Council President.
(Ord. G-09-01, passed 1-6-2009)