The Town Council hereby establishes a collection policy for water, sewer, MS4, and garbage collection services and utilities as follows.
   (A)   Services include water, sewer, MS4, and garbage collection provided by the town.
   (B)   The rates, charges, and unpaid or overdue billings shall be the responsibility of the owner of each property served. Rates and charges may be billed to the tenant(s) after such time an account has been established and a deposit has been paid, but such billing shall in no way relieve the owner from liability in the event payment is not made as herein required. Services to rental property shall be completely satisfied upon vacation of rental property by a tenant(s).
   (C)   The owner of property served which is occupied by a tenant or tenants shall have the right to examine the collection records of the town for the purpose of determining whether such bills have been paid by such tenant or tenants, provided that any such examination shall be made at the office at which said records are kept and shall only be made during such hours that said office is open for business.
   (D)   Before any new accounts are opened or transferred and services established for any person, persons, business, or any other entity, any and all outstanding balances which have accrued to that person, persons, business, or entity for water, sewer, MS4, and/or garbage collection services shall be satisfied prior to the initiation of new services.
   (E)   Any payment for services made by check that is returned for any reason shall be subject to a $35 returned check fee. All checks returned shall be satisfied within two business days of notification to the drawer of the check. Any accounts paid with a check returned and not satisfied within two business days shall have services suspended until the returned check is satisfied. Postdated checks shall not be accepted.
   (F)   If a property receiving services is transferred for any reason, deposits shall be applied to any outstanding balances. Services shall continue to be billed to the property owner of record until proof of said transfer is provided to the town and such services are transferred or terminated.
(Ord. G-13-13, passed 11-18-2013)