The Town Council is hereby officially designated as the controlling authority for all of the town’s public utilities, current and future. At the time of this section those utilities are: the drinking water utility, the sanitary sewer utility (under the provision of I.C. 36-9-23-3), the solid waste (garbage) utility, and the storm water (MS4) utility. As such, and in accordance with I.C. 8-1.5-3-3, the Town Council may also be known as the town’s Municipal Works Board, the town’s Utility Service Board, and other similar names identified in the state statutes. As such, the Town Council accepts the responsibilities placed upon it by the state code for the control of the town’s utilities.
(Ord. G-06-21, passed 5-30-2006; Ord. G-08-05, passed 1-28-2008; Ord. G-13-10, passed 7-15-2013)