A.   A property owner may apply for a temporary use permit for placement of a manufactured/mobile home or recreational vehicle (RV) for any of the four (4) reasons listed below. Under none of these circumstances shall the temporary dwelling be placed on a permanent foundation.
      1.   For agricultural workers engaged in performing a substantial amount of the operation of the property owner's agricultural activities within the prime agriculture (A-1) zone. Proof of payroll activity and/or legal compensation shall be provided with the application. One dwelling unit is permitted through the administrator. More than one dwelling unit per parcel may be allowed if approved by the commission.
      2.   While a permanent dwelling is being constructed. A recreational vehicle/manufactured home to be used as temporary housing shall require a permit and a time limit will be set for the construction of a permanent residence of one hundred eighty (180) days, unless excluded by covenants. If the building construction is not complete within this time period and the building permit is extended, an extension for the temporary dwelling may be requested for an additional one hundred eighty (180) days. Further extensions may be granted by the board under extenuating circumstances only. The temporary dwelling shall either be removed from the property or no longer be used as a dwelling within sixty (60) days from the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for the permanent dwelling.
      3.   Temporary hardship permit for substantiated healthcare needs for any member of the property owner's family. Proof of the healthcare need as evidenced through written and signed authorization from a medical professional is required.
      4.   Construction trailer intended for residential or security purposes on a construction site. Construction trailers, equipment and materials used in conjunction with construction work only may be permitted in any zone during the period construction work is in progress. Such temporary facilities shall be removed within sixty (60) days of completion of the construction work.
   B.   In zones allowing a temporary use, a landowner of the subject property may apply for a temporary use permit for any of the following reasons:
      1.   Roadside or fruit stands (see conditions in section 11-6-5 of this title).
      2.   Yard sales (see conditions in section 11-6-5 of this title) occurring more than four (4) times a year. (Ord. 2009-05, 9-28-2009)