This title shall be interpreted in its various particulars to equally protect each citizen from the undue encroachment in his private property to the end that within the plan established, each citizen shall have the maximum use of his property without placing undue burden upon that of his neighbor. Every citizen of the county shall at all times have the right to appear in person, or by his attorney or agent, before the commission or board of county commissioners, as the case may be, in the proper order of business and before such commission or board of county commissioners, to freely petition for the relief of an alleged burden created by this title, and to appeal a decision of the commission pursuant to the procedures herein set out to the board of county commissioners and the courts of the state. In the enforcement of this title, it shall be deemed to apply similarly and equally to each person and property in similar circumstances and shall not be enforced to discriminate between one individual and another individual or group as compared to all others similarly situated. (Ord. 2009-05, 9-28-2009)