11-1-3: PURPOSE:
This title, the zones, boundaries and regulations which apply within each of the zones have been made in accordance with a comprehensive plan, which plan and ordinance are designed to protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the community. It is intended, therefore, to:
   A.   Provide protection of property rights by conserving existing uses and controlling future development.
   B.   Provide protection from the menace to the public safety that would result from placement of buildings or other structures in such locations, or in such a manner as to interfere with present or future traffic movement, and to promote beauty along the highways and elsewhere.
   C.   Ensure that adequate public facilities and services are provided to the people at a reasonable cost.
   D.   Ensure that the economy of the county and localities is protected and enhanced.
   E.   Encourage the protection of prime agricultural lands for the production of food, and to foster agriculture and industry together with uses related thereto.
   F.   Ensure that the important environmental features of the county and localities are protected and enhanced.
   G.   Encourage urban and urban type development within incorporated cities.
   H.   Avoid undue concentration of population and overcrowding of the land.
   I.   Ensure that the development of land is commensurate with the physical characteristics of the land.
   J.   Protect life and property in areas subject to natural hazards and disasters.
   K.   Protect fish, wildlife and recreation resources.
   L.   Avoid undue water and air pollution.
   M.   Promote the health, morals, convenience, order, prosperity, and general welfare of the inhabitants of the county.
   N.   Secure safety from fire, flood, traffic hazards and other dangers.
   O.   Ensure public health is protected from diseases resulting from unsanitary, overcrowded conditions.
   P.   Protect the tax base. (Ord. 2009-05, 9-28-2009)