A.   Sewage, sewage effluent, or human excretion should not be allowed to remain open to the atmosphere, or not on the surface of the ground so that it is or is likely to be:
      1.   A source of flies or fly breeding.
      2.   A source of noxious or offensive odors or conditions inimical to public interest, dangerous or prejudicial to health, or a public nuisance.
   B.   Sewage, sewage effluent, or human excreta shall not be allowed to endanger any source or supply of drinking water, or cause damage to any public or private property.
   C.   Raw or untreated sewage shall not be allowed in any body of water, watercourse, or any underground water drain, any storm water drain channel or other surface water drain, except if subjected to satisfactory sewage treatment.
   D.   No raw or untreated sewage shall be permitted to irrigate or flow onto any ground so that edible portions of vegetables, fruit, root crops or other edible portion of other growing food plants may come in contact with the sewage or with such soil; or onto any ground used or intended to be used for the pasture or enclosure of animals producing milk likely to be used for human consumption or so that the sewage or soil containing such sewage will come in contact with such animals, except if subjected to satisfactory sewage treatment. (Approved 12-27-1971)