A.   Prohibited Acts: It shall be unlawful for any person to utilize worm probes, chemicals or any other method of device to take, collect or gather worms or nightcrawlers from any property owned, leased or under the control of the county.
   B.   Possession Prohibited: It shall be considered a violation of this section if a person has in their possession worm probes or any other device commonly used in the collection or gathering of worms or nightcrawlers upon property that is owned, leased or under the control of the county, and such worm probes or other devices are placed into or on the ground, regardless of whether such devices are plugged in or not.
   C.   Penalty: Violation of this section shall result in the violator receiving a written warning on the first offense. Such written warning shall indicate the date, approximate time and a description of the violation. The written warning shall be served upon the person violating this section by a law enforcement officer. Any subsequent violations of this section shall be a misdemeanor and shall subject the violator to the penalties described in Idaho Code section 18-113. (Ord. 94-05, 3-28-1994)