A.   Abandoned:
      1.   Twenty Four Hours: It shall not be allowed for anyone to leave unattended vehicles, trailers or other personal property upon county property, including, but not limited to, the fairgrounds, the hospital grounds, and the courthouse grounds for periods longer than twenty four (24) hours unless the owner of such property is involved in an event upon the county property which necessitates long term presence of such vehicle, trailer or other property.
      2.   Seventy Two Hours: If such vehicle, trailer or other property is left upon public county property for a period longer than seventy two (72) hours, the county will tow, or otherwise impound, the property and charge all expenses of such to the owner of the property.
   B.   Notice Of Intent To Impound: No less than twenty four (24) hours before such property is towed, or otherwise impounded, the county shall place a notice of such intent to impound the property upon the abandoned property in a conspicuous place.
   C.   Recovery Of Impounded Property: In order to recover any such impounded property, the owner must pay all costs which the county has incurred to impound and store the property. If the owner does not make such payment or no owner comes forward to claim the property, the property shall be declared abandoned and treated in accordance with Idaho Code sections 14-501 through 14-541. (Res. 93-12, 9-27-1993)