A.   Definitions: As used in this section, the following words and terms shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this subsection:
    DIRECTIONAL BODY OF WATER: Power boating shall be restricted to a clockwise direction around the reservoir, keeping the shore nearest the vessel on the port side while the boat proceeds in a forward direction.
   NO WAKE ZONE: A zone marked with buoys placed conspicuously in a line from one point to another, and vessel speed will be restricted to a maximum of five (5) miles per hour within the zone so marked.
   B.   Clockwise Directional Body: Due to the narrowness of this reservoir, the curves, the blind corners and the number of power boats now using the reservoir, Black Canyon reservoir is hereby declared to be a clockwise directional body of water for the protection and safety of the boaters and swimmers on this body of water.
   C.   No Wake Zone: A no wake zone is hereby created and shall be marked with buoys surrounding near shore waters around Black Canyon state park and Triangle Point park.
   D.   Posting: The ordinance codified in this section shall be posted in at least five (5) places throughout the county. (Ord. 91-03-A, 8-5-1991)