6-1-8: PARKING:
   A.   Basic Rule: From the effective date hereof, no person shall park a vehicle in a no parking zone, as designated by resolution of the Gem County commissioners.
   B.   Designated No Parking Zones: The Gem County commissioners, after conducting a traffic investigation and consulting with representative(s) from the Gem County road department, are hereby authorized to establish, define, and alter, no parking zones throughout Gem County. A copy of the locations of current no parking zones will be on file in the office of the clerk of the district court.
   C.   Proposed No Parking Zones In State Rights Of Way: Where a proposed no parking zone is located in an Idaho state right of way, the Gem County commissioners, in order to be in compliance with state laws and regulations, shall by resolution, recommend in writing to the appropriate state agency the county's desire(s) and concern(s) for the no parking zone in the Idaho state right of way. (Ord. 2004-03, 7-26-2004)