The city administrator or city clerk in the city administrator’s absence shall be the chief accounting officer of the city and of every branch thereof, and the council may prescribe and enforce accounting methods, forms, blanks, and other devices consistent with the law, this charter, and the ordinances in accord with it. He/She shall submit to the council a statement each month showing the amount of money in the custody of the city treasurer, the status of all funds, the amount spent or chargeable against each of the annual budget allowances and the balances left in each, and such other information relative to the finances of the city as the council may require. Once each year, on or before the last day of January, the city clerk shall submit a report to the council covering the entire financial operations of the city for the past year. This report shall show the actual total receipts and actual total expenditures, omitting duplications, and stating the cash balance at the beginning of the last, fiscal year and at the close; the total outlays for operation and maintenance, and the total capital outlays; the condition of each of the funds; the total receipts by sources and the total expenditures by general purposes; the total outstanding bonds and debts of the city, when due, the amount of new bonds issued and the amount redeemed, the interest rate of each; and such further information as the council and other city officials and the taxpayers should have.