Section 43.   THE REFERENDUM.
   If prior to the date when an ordinance takes effect a petition signed by qualified electors of the city equal in number to fifteen percent of the total vote at the last regular municipal election be filed with the city clerk requesting that any such measure, or any part thereof, be repealed or be submitted to a vote of the electors, the said measure shall there by be prevented from going into operation. The council shall thereupon reconsider the said measure at its next regular meeting, and either repeal the same, or repeal the sections thereof to which objection has been raised by the petitioners, or by aye or no vote reaffirm its adherence to the measure as passed. In the latter case the council shall immediately order an election to be held thereon, pending which the ordinance shall remain suspended. If a majority of the voters voting thereon are opposed to the measure, it shall not become effective; but if a majority of the voters voting thereon favor the measure, it shall go into effect immediately or on the date therein specified.