The city of Gaylord is hereby empowered to acquire, by purchase, gift, devise, or condemnation, any property corporeal or incorporeal, either within or without its corporate boundaries, which may be needed by said city for any public use or purpose. In addition to the power to acquire property for other public purposes, the city may also acquire, as herein provided, any gas, water, heat, power, light, telephone, or other plant, or other public utility; but no proceedings to acquire any such public utility shall be consummated unless the city has the money in its treasury to pay for the same or has by vote of the people made provisions for paying for the property proposed to be acquired. Easements for slopes, fills, sewers, building tines, poles, wires, pipes and conduits for water, gas, heat and power may be acquired by gift, devise, purchase, or condemnation in the manner provided by law.