The City Council may appoint a City Administrator to oversee all administrative City Business and supervise all City employees. The City Administrator, or other staff member as designated by the City Administrator or City Council, shall attend all meetings of the council in person and keep a record of all proceedings thereof.
   There shall be a city clerk appointed by the council only by resolution adopted by a four-fifths vote of all the council members. The city clerk shall be appointed solely on the basis of his/her fiscal and administrative qualifications. The clerk shall keep the corporate seal of the city and all papers and records thereof. The clerk shall keep accounts showing the financial transactions upon forms approved by the council. The clerk shall perform all other duties imposed by Minnesota Statute and have power to administer oath and affirmation and take and certify acknowledgments in the same where and as required or sanctioned by law.
   From time to time the Administrator or clerk shall give the council such information and recommend such measures as deemed advantageous to the City.
   The City Council may appoint such deputy city clerks or support staff as necessary to help the City administrator and/or city clerk perform their duties and assist in the absence of such office.