Moving of Buildings
1353.01   Permit required; application.
1353.02   Application information.
1353.03   Investigation by Building Official; report to Council.
1353.04   Moving unfit buildings.
1353.05   Scope of permits.
1353.06   Permit conditions.
1353.07   Liability insurance; amounts.
1353.08   Permit issuance; fee.
1353.09   Notice of moving.
1353.10   Noncompliance; notice to perform; performance by Village.
1353.11   Approval of streets; moving equipment.
1353.12   Foundation required.
1353.13   Barricades and warning lights.
1353.14   Damage to public property; remedies of Village.
1353.15   Completion of work; refund of deposit; liability for excess costs.
1353.16   Permit revocation or suspension; appeal.
1353.99   Penalty.
   Power to license house movers - see Ohio R.C. 715.27
   Oversize or overweight vehicle operation on State routes;
   State permit - see TRAF. 340.01
   Restricted traffic thoroughfares - see TRAF. 340.015
   Maximum width, height and length of commercial and heavy vehicles - see TRAF. 340.02
   Barricades and warning lights - see GEN. OFF. 560.09
   Unsafe buildings - see B. & H. Ch. 1367