(a)   Whenever a property owner contemplates cutting of a tree or trees for the purpose of construction of subdivision improvements, construction of new structures, alteration of existing structures, construction of additions to existing structures, gaining access to property, conducting any earth-disturbing activity, obtaining a view, thinning of existing trees or vegetation, creating a pasture, or in preparation for a recreation or other use, the property owner must obtain a permit from the Building Official.
   (b)   A property owner applying for a lot split or a subdivision where tree cutting is a logical consequence of the application must also comply with the requirements of this chapter.
   (c)   Alternatively, a property owner may obtain a permit to cut a tree or trees for up to ten years in accordance with a master vegetation plan. Such master plan shall be reviewed and approved by the owner and by an experienced arborist in concert with the owner. Such master plan shall provide for long-term woodland management, and all cutting of trees or vegetation shall be in strict accordance with the permit requiring adherence to such master plan. The plan shall be binding upon the owner and his or her successors and assigns.
(Ord. 2543. Passed 7-13-93; Ord. 2014-03. Passed 4-8-14.)