§ 70.05  PENALTY.
   (A)   Whoever shall violate a provision of this title for which no specific penalty is provided shall be punished as set forth in § 10.99.
   (B)   Upon conviction of any person for a violation of any provisions of §§ 70.01et seq., the following fines shall be imposed:
      (1)   A loading error or tolerance of 1,000 pounds is allowable, and only weight in excess of the 1,000 pounds of tolerance shall be a violation. For a weight violation over the registered weight or any statutory weight limit, every pound of excess weight up to 5,000 pounds shall be imposed. The minimum fine shall be $20.
      (2)   For a weight violation in excess of 5,000 pounds over the registered weight or any statutory weight limit, a fine of $0.06 for each additional pound of excess weight over 5,000 pounds shall be imposed.
   (C)   Upon conviction for any violation, no fine shall be suspended or reduced, but, in computing the fine, a credit of any excess weight caused by an accumulation of cinders, snow or ice shall be given. If the vehicle being operated at the time the offense is committed is registered outside of Maryland or if the person responsible for the violation or the person operating the vehicle is a nonresident of the state, further proceedings shall be had as to the person, or the vehicle shall be impounded until the fine is paid or acceptable collateral posted. The impounding of the vehicle does not include the cargo, and the cargo shall not be held. If, after 90 days from the date the vehicle was impounded, the fine has not been paid or acceptable collateral posted, the court shall satisfy the fine, accrued interest and costs.
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