(A)   Oversize vehicles. A fee is imposed on every oversize motor vehicle using the highways of the county. The County Roads Supervisor may issue a permit for oversize motor vehicles using the highways of the county, and the permit shall specify the route to be followed and the hour and date on which passage is to be effected and the maximum size. The fee to be charged for the permit shall be $10, unless otherwise provided in this section.
   (B)   Overweight vehicles. A charge is imposed on the weight of all vehicles in excess of that permitted by law, and every vehicle having overweight shall secure a permit from the State Highway Administration, the charge for which shall be $10 for a gross weight not exceeding 45 tons. If the gross weight is in excess of 45 tons, the charge for the permit will be $10 for the first 45 tons and $1 for each additional ton in excess of 45 tons.
(1986 Code, § 248-5)  (Ord. —, passed 8-30-1971)