(A)   In general. All subdivisions shall be served with an approved and adequate sewage disposal system (either on-lot or central) that will meet state and county regulations.
   (B)   Central sewage service.
      (1)   If a municipality or a sanitary district is to provide the central sewage service, the agency shall have the authority to approve or reject the proposed sewage collection system for just cause.
      (2)   In order for central sewage service to qualify as “county-approved central sewage service,” for the purposes of permitted reduced lot sizes, all of the following requirements must be met:
         (a)   A municipality or a sanitary district must have agreed in writing to operate and maintain
the sewage system.
         (b)   The municipality or sanitary district must be granted the right to regularly inspect the system while under construction and to require that the construction meets the construction plans.
         (c)   The municipality or sanitary district must be granted the right to approve the construction plans in advance of construction.
   (C)   Individual or on-lot sewage disposal system. Any new lot not approved to include central sewage service shall be served by an individual sewage system meeting state and county requirements. An individual sewage system or alternate location may be located on commonly-owned land if approved as part of the subdivision and if suitable easements are established. Each proposed location shall be tested and approved by County Health Department, prior to recording of the final plan.
(Ord. —, passed 6-24-1997; Am. Res. 2010-5, passed 5-25-2010)