§ 159.032 FLAG LOTS.
   (A)   Definition. A flag lot is a lot approved under this chapter which does not meet the minimum lot width requirements of this chapter. This section shall not apply to lot width requirements under an applicable zoning ordinance.
   (B)   Requirements. A flag lot may be created if all of the following requirements are met:
      (1)   A front lot line shall be designated in the non-flagpole area to permit best utilization of the lot. The building setback line shall be measured parallel to the designated front lot line. The lot shall meet the minimum lot width requirement at the building setback line or along a line 50 feet from the designated front lot line.
      (2)   The applicant shall establish to the satisfaction of the Planning Commission that a flag lot is necessary to provide for the reasonable development of the land and/or to preserve important natural features.
      (3)   In no case shall any portion of the flag lot have a width of less than 25 feet.
      (4)   A maximum total of 1 flag lot shall be permitted to be created from any lot that existed at the effective date of this chapter.
      (5)   A flag lot shall not be used for principal commercial or industrial uses.
      (6)   The flag lot shall have its own driveway onto a road, unless shared or converged driveways are specifically approved by the county.
(Ord. —, passed 6-24-1997; Am. Res. 2010-5, passed 5-25-2010) Penalty, see § 159.999