The following requirements apply to all transient vacation rental units.
   (A)   A zoning permit application shall be submitted which demonstrates compliance with all applicable requirements.
   (B)   One off-street parking space shall be provided for each bedroom; except that in those developments existing or planned for duplex, townhouse or multi-family dwelling units and offering shared parking spaces within parking lots developed with a minimum of 20 spaces or more, the minimum parking requirement shall be 1 off-street parking space for each 1½ bedroom or any fraction thereof.
   (C)   A bear-proof trash container providing adequate volume to accommodate the occupancy shall be provided. Such containers may be located in a required front or side yard, subject to the following minimum setbacks:
      (1)   From the front lot line: 0 feet.
      (2)   From side lot lines: 5 feet.
   (D)   Weekly collection and removal of trash shall be provided.
   (E)   A plan for monitoring and controlling audible disturbance and trespassing shall be provided.
   (F)   All living facilities must be incorporated into the principal structure, including cooking, eating, and sleeping quarters, bathrooms and living rooms. Accessory buildings shall be limited to the following uses:
      (1)   Storage sheds and garages;
      (2)   A single game or recreation room, secondary to the primary living space within the principal structure; and,
      (3)   Other uses customarily secondary and incidental to a residence.
(Res. 2010-7, passed 5-25-2010; Am. Res. 2021-10, passed 10-19-2021)