§ 157.075 GROUP HOMES.
   (A)   See definition in § 157.007 and provisions of § 157.024.
   (B)   See provisions for modifications in § 157.166.
   (C)   A group home shall house a maximum of 8 unrelated persons, in addition to any staff-persons necessary to assist and supervise such persons.
   (D)   A minimum of 1 off-street parking space shall be provided for each employee on-site during peak periods.
   (E)   A copy of any relevant federal, state or county license or certification shall be provided to the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator shall be notified in writing within 7 days by the operator of the use if such license or certification is suspended, expired or withdrawn.
   (F)   The group home shall apply for and receive a zoning permit. The permit application shall state the maximum number of residents, general type of treatment/care, level of staffing and any sponsoring agency.
   (G)   Any medical or counseling services on-site shall be limited to a maximum of 3 persons who do not live on-site.
   (H)   If the group home is within a residential district, it shall be maintained and/or constructed to be closely similar in appearance to other dwellings in the area.
   (I)   No sign shall identify the type of use.
(Ord. —, passed 5-13-1997; Am. Ord. —, passed 8-8-2000; Am. Ord. —, passed 4-30-2002; Am. Res. 2010-7, passed 5-25-2010)