(A)   Dimensional requirements and permitted uses.
      (1)   A commercial resort site shall contain at least 20 acres of land and shall have direct vehicular access to a state highway or to a county primary or county secondary highway, or shall otherwise have vehicular access to 1 or more such highways in a manner that will, in the opinion of the County Planning Commission, satisfactorily accommodate the anticipated traffic with regard to capacity, safety and impact on neighboring properties and on county roads expenditures.
      (2)   No building shall be erected within 100 feet of any lot or boundary line, including road lines.
      (3)   The commercial resort shall include an office and lobby and may include such accessory uses as dormitories or other sleeping accommodations; restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, dining halls or other accommodations for serving food and drinks; game or recreation rooms, swimming pools, saunas, gymnasiums or other indoor recreational facilities; conference and assembly rooms; children’s playgrounds; golf courses and driving ranges, tennis, archery or other sports fields; riding stables and bridle, hiking, skiing and snowmobile tails; and related facilities intended primarily for use by guests at the resort.
      (4)   The total ground floor area of all principle and accessory buildings shall not cover more than 35 percent of the commercial resort site. No restaurant, coffee shop, cafeteria or dining hall shall cover more than 10% of the site.
      (5)   There shall not be more than one dormitory or sleeping room or suite for every 2,000 square feet of site area. Distance between buildings shall not be less than 25 feet, except that this distance may be reduced to 15 feet where no driveway passes between buildings.
      (6)   The total interior floor area of each dormitory or sleeping room inclusive of bathroom and closet space, shall not be less than 250 square feet. Dormitory units shall not be interconnected by interior doors in groups of more than 2 units.
   (B)   Parking requirements.
      (1)   At least 1 parking space shall be provided for each sleeping unit. Such space shall be located within 300 feet of the unit it serves.
      (2)   If any restaurant, coffee shop, cafeteria or the like is available for use by persons other than registered guests at the resort, one parking space shall be provided for each 100 square feet of floor space thus available.
      (3)   One parking space shall be provided for every 1.5 employees on duty at peak periods.
      (4)   All off-road parking areas shall be paved and shall be at least 50 feet from all property lines; parking areas serving a restaurant, cafeteria, coffee shop or dining hall shall be at least 30 feet from all dormitory or other dwelling or sleeping units.
   (C)   Procedural requirements. Before the issuance of any zoning permit, a detailed plan for the proposed development of a site for commercial resort facilities shall be submitted to and reviewed by the County Planning Commission. The site Development Plan application shall identify the location and size of existing trees, all other landscaping proposed, the architectural style, general design, colors and materials to be used on exterior surfaces and detailed plans for any signs as well as any other information elevations or perspectives which will enable the Commission to determine the impact of the proposed development on the area involved and to determine conformity with the purpose of this chapter.
(Ord. —, passed 5-13-1997; Am. Ord. —, passed 8-8-2000; Am. Ord. —, passed 4-30-2002)