Where permitted, manufactured/mobile home parks shall be designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with the provisions of this section, and in accordance with applicable state and county health regulations. For the purposes of this section, the terms “mobile home” and “manufactured home” shall have the same meaning.
   (A)   Lot standards.
      (1)   Lot area. Individual mobile home spaces located in a manufactured mobile home park shall contain at least 5,400 square feet of lot area and shall not be less than 45 feet wide at the building setback line exclusive of easements.
      (2)   Density. The maximum number of manufactured/mobile homes permitted in a manufactured/mobile home park shall be computed by subtracting 10% from the total lot area (to account for open space) and then dividing the remaining 90% of the lot area by the minimum lot requirements specified in division (A)(1) above. Provided, however, that in computing the maximum number of manufactured mobile homes that may be permitted, all of the following areas shall be deleted from the total lot area:
         (a)   Lands within the 100-year floodplain;
         (b)   Wetlands;
         (c)   Land occupied by above-ground electric transmission lines and poles;
         (d)   Land with a slope in excess of 25%.
      (3)   Maximum density. In no case shall the total overall density of the entire parcel exceed a maximum density of 5 dwelling units per acre.
   (B)   Yard and setback standards.
      (1)   Exterior setback. All manufactured/mobile homes shall be located at least 100 feet from any road right-of-way which abuts a manufactured/mobile home park boundary and at least 100 feet from any other lot line that is exterior to the manufactured/mobile home park.
      (2)   Interior setbacks.
         (a)   There shall be a minimum distance of 25 feet between an individual mobile home and each of the following: the pavement of an adjoining park road, a common parking area, and other common areas within the mobile home park.
         (b)   All manufactured/mobile homes shall be separated from each other and from other buildings by at least 20 feet.
      (2)   Pad. Each manufactured/mobile home lot shall have a concrete stand or pad at least 50 feet long and 24 feet wide, or shall use another support and anchoring mechanism approved by the Planning Commission.
   (C)   Road standards.
      (1)   Access to manufactured/mobile home parks shall be designed to minimize congestion and hazards at the entrance or exit and allow free movement of traffic on adjacent public roads. Each mobile home park shall have at least 2 points of access to a public road(s), provided that no such points of access shall be within 150 feet of each other.
      (2)   All mobile home parks shall have safe and convenient paved access roads serving every mobile home lot. Alignment and gradient shall be properly adapted to topography, in accordance with county roads standards.
      (3)   All roads within a mobile home park shall have a right-of-way width of at least 50 feet and a paved cartway at least 28 feet wide, except that roads designed for 1-way traffic may have a right-of-way of at least 40 feet wide and a paved cartway of at least 22 feet width.
      (4)   All roads shall be paved in accordance with county roads specifications and shall be kept in good repair.
      (5)   No individual manufactured/mobile home shall have direct vehicular access to a public road abutting the mobile home park.
   (D)   Off-road parking standards. Off-road parking shall be comply with §§ 157.090 et seq. Each required off-road parking space shall be located not more than 300 feet from the mobile home it is intended to serve.
   (E)   Buffer and open space standards.
      (1)   Buffer. A buffer strip at least 10 feet wide shall be provided by the developer along all of the property and road boundary lines separating the mobile home park from adjacent uses. Such buffer strip shall include evergreen trees and shrubs with an initial minimum height of 3 feet that are intended to form a solid visual screen at least 6 feet in height within 4 years.
      (2)   Open space. All mobile home parks shall provide a minimum of 10% of the total lot area for usable open space and recreation purposes. Usable open space shall be so located as to be free of traffic hazards and should, where the topography permits, be centrally located and easily accessible to all park residents.
   (F)   Other mobile home park improvements.
      (1)   Individual tenants at the mobile home park may construct attached enclosures to individual mobile homes, provided that no such enclosures may not exceed 100% of the floor area of the mobile home, and provided that the setback requirements are still met. Individual building permits shall be required for such enclosures in each case.
      (2)   Walkways. All parks shall have safe, convenient, all-season pedestrian walks of adequate width for intended use, durable and convenient to maintain, between individual mobile home lots, the park roads and all community facilities provided for park residents.
(Ord. —, passed 5-13-1997; Am. Ord. —, passed 8-8-2000; Am. Ord. —, passed 4-30-2002)