A.   The Garland City council, with assistance of the fire department, establishes and sets mitigation rates for the delivery of emergency and nonemergency services by the fire department for personnel, supplies and equipment to the scene of emergency and nonemergency incidents as listed in exhibit A attached to the ordinance codified herein. The mitigation rates are based on the actual costs of the services and on costs which are usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) as shown on exhibit A attached to the ordinance codified herein, which may include any services, personnel, supplies, and equipment and with baselines established by addendum to this document.
   B.   A claim shall be filed with the responsible party through his/her/its/their insurance carrier, if any and if possible. In some circumstances, the responsible party will be billed directly.
   C.   The city council, with the assistance of the fire department, may adopt ordinances and/or resolutions, which adopt rules and/or regulations deemed necessary to more fully implement the provisions of this section and any related ordinances and resolutions, and from time to time may amend, revoke or add rules and regulations, not inconsistent with this section, as the city council may deem necessary or expedient in respect to billing for and collecting these mitigation rates or the collection thereof. The fire department reserves the right to send unpaid invoices to a third party collection agency to collect for services rendered, and to take any and all other actions allowed by law to bill for and collect any amounts due for services rendered. Any fees associated with said collections will be responsibility of the billed party. (Ord. 16-05, 4-27-2016)