A.   Storage Of Gasoline: No person, firm or corporation shall keep within the city limits gasoline for the purpose of wholesale or retail without first duly notifying the chief of the fire department, who shall keep posted within the fire station a record of all such places where gasoline is stored; and it shall be unlawful to store gasoline in excess of twelve (12) gallons anywhere within the platted limits of the city, except that it shall be kept underground in a steel tank submerged at least three feet (3') from the surface of the soil to the top side of the container; provided, that storage in wholesale quantities may be permitted under such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the mayor and city council. (1949 Code § 11-0-16)
   B.   Storage Of Explosives: It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to keep in stock any powder, gas, dynamite, or any other dangerous explosives within the platted limits of the city, unless a permit is issued by the chief of the fire department. (1949 Code § 11-0-17)
   C.   False Fire Alarms: It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to sound or cause to be sounded any fire alarm when there is not a fire, or when there is no necessity for sounding of said alarm, or to falsely alarm or unnecessarily call out the fire department. (1949 Code § 11-0-18)
   D.   Depositing Of Hot Ashes: No person shall deposit any hot ashes at any place within the fire limits, unless the same shall be in a closed and secure metallic or earthen container, or in a brick or stone ash room or vault, and no hot ashes shall be deposited elsewhere within the corporate limits of the city within ten feet (10') of any wood or combustible material. (1949 Code § 11-0-21)